10 Best Exercises To Help Improve Your Posture

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Ask just about any chiropractor and most will tell you that having correct posture is an important part of good overall health. Many people might not realize this, but good posture helps a person’s bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons to function at optimal levels.

Many people have bad posture and in some cases their bad posture can cause  their bodies to function poorly.

The good news is that a person’s posture can be easily corrected by using specific exercises are designed to realign a person’s spine, strengthen their back muscle groups, and to encourage and improve flexibility.

Here are 10 easy exercises you can do to help straighten and strengthen your back and help improve your posture.

  1)..  Strengthen Your Core

The core muscles are extremely important to the body. Core muscle groups consists of the abdominals, lower back, oblique’s and the hips. The core muscle groups are where most of a person’s power originates. They are also necessary for keeping your body upright and for maintaining balance. You should perform planks, crunches and the kettlebell to strengthen your core muscles. Even if you suffer from lower back pain, its very important to keep exercising. You can choose from  a variety of lower back braces to give support while the injured area heals.

2).. Planks

plank exercisePlanks are designed to align the spine and to strengthen the muscles on the backside of a person’s body. When a person performs the plank exercise, they will have to get down on the ground in the upward raised pushup position.

This particular position requires a person to lie down on the ground with their hands spread shoulder length apart. Their feet should be together.

They then have to raise themselves up into the air and hold this position for 30 seconds. People are expected to perform this exercise with their backs straight and properly aligned.

3).. Crunches

Crunches can also be used to build up a person’s core. This exercise is modified version of the sit-up. People who perform crunches do not have to raise themselves all the way off of the ground as in a traditional sit-up.

Instead, they will raise themselves up about half way, and this movement really helps to build and strengthen a person’s core abdominal muscles.

kettlebellswing4).. Kettle Bell Swings

A person can also use a kettle bell to strengthen their core. This exercise is performed by using the awkward weight of the kettle bell to build core strength while forcing a person to control the unit while keeping their spine straight.

The kettle bell will encorages a person to manage the weight of the kettlebell from different angles and positions and requires them to use correct posture to ensure they are handling the unit without too much difficulty.

5).. Dumbbell Fly’s

Millions upon millions of people have rounded shoulders which is proven to be detrimental to health over time. A person’s shoulders should sit back, but many people develop rounded shoulders over time from driving, hunching over at a computer monitor, or by carrying out repetitive tasks on a daily basis.

A person can perform dumbbell fly’s to help correct this problem.
A dumbbell fly is performed by lying down on an incline bench. Then the person needs to extend their arms in front of them, while keeping their legs stationary. They should then grab two dumbbells that are at least 20 pounds and extend their arms to the side while holding the weight.

Once the arms have been extended they should go back to their original starting position. A person can also use exercises such as muscle rollers to deeply relax tight muscles and reduce tension, stretchy resistance bands, or weighted shoulder shrugs to help correct this problem.

6).. Back Extensions

Back extensions will also help a person to maintain their posture. In order to perform a proper back extension, you will have to lie face down while extending your arms above your head. This will help to keep your head in line with the spine.

You must then lift your shoulders as far off the ground as possible. Then bring them back to the starting position. The point of this exercise is to help a person to keep their back and spine properly aligned. If you suffer from shoulder pain, a simple shoulder brace is an ideal solution.

7).. Seated Twists

This is a simple exercise that can be done from a regular chair, or on the ground.

A person should be seated, and then twist to their right, before twisting round to their left. Their arms should be extended out away from their body while they perform this routine. They can also use their knee to gain extra stretch.

As a person twists to the right or left; they should hold themselves in the position they are facing for at least 5 or more seconds.

This type of exercise is great for people who have to work at their desks for extended periods of time.

8).. Kneeling Stretch

The kneeling stretch exercise is designed to help a person’s back. This exercise works by taking one leg and lunging it forward. The other leg should be rested on the ground; preferably on a padded mat.

While a person is in the kneeling position they should gently push their hips forward since they will feel the connection between their hips and spine. Performing this activity will help their body to naturally align in the right way.

9).. Practice Standing Straight Up

Standing up straight can be an exercise for many people. Since most people do not have good posture; this type of exercise can be performed to mimic good posture.

Keep in mind that when a person stands up straight their back will have a slight curve and their shoulders will be spread out broad and wide. A person who is trying to correct their posture should perform this action at least 10 times a day.

Here Is A Great Video On How To Improve Your Hunchback Posture….


10).. Standing Side Bend

This particular posture correcting exercise will require a person to stand up straight while touching their left hand to the side of their head. While they are doing this they should have their feet ground with their head to the right until they feel a stretch on the left side of their shoulder and side areas.

They should take 3 to 5 breaths and keep rotating this cycle back and forth with the right side. These are some of the best exercises to improve your posture and people should see realistic results in about a month after performing these posture enhancing routines.

Why These 10  Exercises Help To Improve Your Posture

How long do you think it took you to develop poor posture…? Probably years. Improving how you sit, stand and hold yourself takes some time. Your muscles need to be “encouraged” to take on the new position which can cause some muscular discomfort! The discomfort will disappear quite quickly and the benefits both physical and mental, will become apparent after a while.

You will feel better, have more energy, feel decreased pain levels, improved lung function and even your relationships with people will alter as you begin to carry yourself more confidently. You are the most important person in the world and being proactive in your health is key to a long and happy life.

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