About Ellie

About Me And My Posture Brace,  My Life Saver

Hi, I am Ellie

Over the last 12 months, my life has undergone a rapid transformation!

I always used to have back and neck issues my entire life. I used to have terrible rounded shoulders and very poor posture as well as being a very tall 188cm, I always stood out. Often, because my posture was so poor I would suffer physical ailments from performing simple tasks such as sitting, sleeping or walking; which in turn, lead to further misalignment of my muscles and spine.

How A Simple Posture Brace Changed My Life

It wasn’t until I actively sought the aid of a well-trained physiotherapist who introduced me to the world of posture braces and how they could help my poor posture and improve my appearance through correcting my posture as well as retraining my muscles to ease my often daily overall pain and discomfort, that I found my solution to my problem.

Sold on the idea, I took the plunge and put down $80 on my very first posture brace that I began wearing during all my daily activities, that had I not been wearing it, would be too painful to take part in. Yes, it took some time to get used to and yes, my muscles were sore because they were being encouraged into their correct alignment.

I won’t lie and say it was comfortable at first because it wasn’t!  But, I did see an improvement quickly and I was feeling better within a short period of time. My brace was comfortable to wear and what was really good, it was pretty much invisible under my everyday clothes. It took laziness and lack of care to get to poor posture and back pain, so the small bit of discomfort from my brace was really so minimal all things considered…

Constant pain can really take away your motivation as I am sure you have found and it”s confidence zapping too. I began to feel better as my muscles were gently and firmly encouraged to be where they should be, putting less strain on my upper back and neck. My headaches which were a constant, began to disappear and my shoulders felt a lot happier.

Poor Posture At Work And My Posture Brace

I have a very sedentary job, sitting at a computer which did add to my posture problem. Part of being so tall, often furniture is all the wrong height and so I was slouching down to accommodate my work environment. My posture brace, or, as I like to call it, posture corrector reminds me when I have poor posture at my desk and reminds me to sit straight with my shoulders back and head up. I have also changed my work environment around to suit my needs:)

My friends and family comment on how much better I look; standing straighter, smiling from ear-to-ear and my confidence has been thoroughly rejuvenated. I have found through poor posture my inner landscape was being affected more than I could have ever believed and I often felt down and not terribly motivated.

By standing up straight and tall, I can breathe more freely, my body feels more comfortable, grateful even, and  the actual act of standing tall with good posture makes me feel strong and able. The flow on benefits for me have been, and are, Life Changing. They can be for you too and I am excited to share  here!

“Her self-confidence completely changed!” my Mum says. “I’m so excited to see her up and about!”

Can A Posture brace Help You…The Answer Is yes!

So, whether you’re a man working a job requiring you to repeatedly bend over to pick up a box or physical work, or a woman looking to reclaim a once vibrant confidence in herself now lost, or, are simply the parent of an adorable child  dealing with the struggles of constantly bending over to “pick up”  or have rounded shoulders and poor posture like me, a good posture brace, and they come in all shapes and sizes to fit all sorts of shapes and sizes, are easily available to accommodate the individual needs of you or your loved one.

You can view my top choices for posture braces here and I know you will find a perfect posture correcter to suit your needs.

To your improved posture and well being!

Warm Regards,




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