Best Electronic Posture Brace For Rounded Shoulders Is The Lumo Lift!

Highly tuned into your body and posture, these small, unobtrusive devices are the best smart posture trainers on the market. You get instant feedback via your phone as to what your body is doing. A gentle vibration reminds you that you have slipped back into slouching, it’s so simple! Plus you can store information and see how you’re doing…. Read More

Top Tips: How To Choose The Right Posture Braces That Actually Work

You’ve decided your posture is terrible and it has to change. Now! Before you race out and buy any old brace, STOP for second! There are a few things to think about such as where is the pain located, what do I want to achieve and what style / design of brace will best suit my lifestyle. By taking into account these points, you are more likely to choose the right brace which works. Read More

7 Best Posture Correctors For Women October 2018

What can the Best Posture Corrector For Women do? Loads actually. A well designed posture corrector can realign shoulder & back muscles, reduce or stop back, shoulder, neck pain, relieve lower back pain and more. They work well to retrain your brain into remembering to Stand Up Straight. Choosing the right womens posture brace can offer post operative support or support if you sit or stand all day. Read More

10 Best Exercises To Help Improve Your Posture

Our backs, shoulders and neck are the first places to fall out of alignment, feel pain and cause discomfort. As well as wearing a well designed, supportive brace, choosing any of these easy peasy 10 exercises can work almost miracles. Poor posture can be alleviated by stretching and I know you’ll love these in your PJ’s, do at home exercises. They seriously work! Read More

Improve Posture With These 3 Posture Saving Tips in Only 10 Minutes A Day

Here are some nifty ideas and simple stretches you can do a few times a week to vastly improve your less than desirable posture, feel looser and stand up straight. There are so many downsides to poor posture, chronic pain, headaches, backpain, leg pain. Your body is crying out for change. Be proactive today- chnage your life Read More

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