Best Electronic Posture Brace For Rounded Shoulders Is The Lumo Lift!

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Has slouching crept in to become your normal stance? Do your neck, shoulders and back ache? We have found a simple, elegant solution to put a stop to this, the best electronic posture brace for rounded shoulders. The Lumo Lift which is an electronic brace, small, unobtrusive, sync with your phone and you can see and feel at a glance what you shouldn’t be doing!!

The most prevalent source of never ending chronic pain by far is back pain. It’s the leading cause of disability amongst millions of Americans. Pain is caused by everyday activities such as leaning over your work desk and keyboard. Not to mention the time you spend scrunching your back and shoulders over phones and electronic devices when you spend long periods of time at work. Which, let’s face it, we do these days.

Gentle Vibrations Remind You To Sit Up…

This small and pebble shaped electronic posture aid which tracks your posture, vibrates gently, reminding you to sit and stand up straight, is a far cry from the traditional posture braces we have been used to. No more figuring out how and where the straps go, or for wriggling into an uncomfortable device that may dig in under your arms as the day goes on….

Patented biomechanic monitoring sensors in the Lumo Lift sense when you are slouching away from your optimal posture position. You calibrate the Lumo Lift to what your personal standard of good posture is, and this then becomes your personalized posture coach.

You will be gently reminded by a soft, unobtrusive vibrational buzz against your body that your posture is poor. The vibrational buzz allows you to make those daily steady small adjustments  quickly encouraging you to instinctively sit and stand up straight with excellent posture.

Benefits Of The Best Electronic Posture Brace:

  • 3 Color options: Black, White and Silver
  • Vibrational reminders as soon as you slump
  • Customize your personal posture coach
  • Set your daily posture and activity goals
  • Track your activity and Track calories burned
  • See your daily and hourly progress at a glance of the home screen of the Lumo Lift App
  • Utilizes wireless connection
  • Invisible under clothes and Sweat resistant
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.5 x 1.3 cm or, 1.7 x 1 x .5 inches


How Does This Electronic Posture Brace For Rounded Shoulders Work?

The Lumo Lift features two main functions: align mode and coaching sessions.

The align mode tracks and records your posture frequently throughout the day and rates it. You can refer back to the home screen on the Lumo Lift to see just how good or bad your posture was throughout the day.

The coaching session tracks the wearer’s body position, and according to what they have set as their personal standard of good posture, will then remind them in the form of vibrational buzzing to sit up straight and pull the shoulders down. I find the Lift also reminds me to breathe as I often hold my breath.

The Lumo Lift Also Works As A Pedometer…

Not only does this best posture brace for rounded shoulders make you sit up straight, it also works as a pedometer. The daily distance you walk and run can be measured in steps and miles, as well as the calories burned throughout the day. This is particular useful when you are losing weight or setting a goal to become fit which, as we know, is becoming more and more important with our increasingly sedentary lives and the health risks this poses!

Calibrate The Lumo Lift To Track Your Preferred Posture Position…

Each time you wear the Lumo Lift, you simply calibrate it with a double press of the button when you are in the preferred posture position. It will then buzz three times, confirming that it has recognized the postural position you have set, using it as a base to measure how often you slip out of it.

Personalized Coaching Sessions

This is where the best posture brace for rounded shoulders really comes into play. It tracks you hour by hour and will rate your posture as either “remarkable” or “slouchy”. This is the beauty of the personalized coaching function as it  certainly trains you into the habit of sitting up straight.

These coaching sessions last between 5 minutes and 4 hours. If you slouch, round your shoulders, or slump, the tracker will either by buzz continuously until you revert to a good position, or it can buzz just once when it first detects slouching. It will only vibrate when you genuinely slouch and are completely out of position. It’s not irritating at all. You can think of it as your benevolent Sergeant major reminding you you aren’t in line…!


What Does The Lumo Lift Include?

Color Options…

The best posture brace for rounded shoulders, The Lumo Lift is available in three colour options, black, silver and white. You also get black and silver metal plates, as well as a bra clip. You can buy additional packs of plates in neutral or bright colors if you feel like being funky.

The Tracker…

The actual tracker is small. It is roughly about the size of two quarters side by side, measuring 4.4 x 2.5 x 1.3 cm or, 1.7 x 1 x .5 inches. The device is small enough that you don’t really notice it most of the time.

The Lumo Lift has to sit close to your skin to get an accurate reading, so it’s best not to wear it with loose fitting tops. If you can attach it to an undershirt or a bra strap with the magnetic plate, you will find it will work perfectly for you.

Where To Wear Your Lumo Lift…

The optimal position to wear this best posture brace for rounded shoulders is directly just below your collarbones. The Lift is designed to be worn daily to track your posture and your steps and you can re-calibrate the posture brace as often as you want. The Lift will quietly observe your posture and motion throughout the day and will quickly alert you when you slip out of your ideal position.

Lumo Lift Works By Detecting Your Spine Curvature

best electronic posture brace for sore backs and for straightening rounded shoulders

Lumo says the Lift works by “detecting curvature at the top of your spine, in addition to the positioning of your shoulders, chest and upper back” so, each time you calibrate the posture brace, it initially pays attention to the way you are holding your body and then constantly checks throughout the day that you are staying in approximately the same position.

It’s a very simple, elegant and supersmart solution to putting an effective stop to poor posture, to slumping to slouching and rounding your shoulders. And, at the end of the day, it is really up to you what your ideal posture is and it’s worth experimenting to see how you feel both physically and mentally as you choose the “perfect posture position”for you for that day.


The Lift App

To begin using the Lift, the best posture brace for rounded shoulders, you’ll need to set it up in the app as it wont record any data until you do so. The app will sync data from your tracker over Bluetooth, giving you daily reports on your activity. The main screen will give you an hourly snapshot of your movement and posture….

Lumo Lifts Encouragement Rating System…

I quite like how the company Lumo have decided to show your progress in terms of encouragement. Rather than numbers, if you’ve had perfect posture you will see such cheeky encouragement as ” Your posture was remarkable” or, “You are active” . Or “You can have remarkable, good or slouching posture and you can be super active, active or at rest”.

Personally I find much more encouraging than a bunch of numbers. You will get these messages depending on how long you have how the particular posture and how much you have moved in the last hour.

Is This Really The Best Electronic Posture Brace For Rounded Shoulders?

Posture has become a popular issue these days, especially when we spend so much time sitting and our bodies can’t stretch out and be used as they should be. Consequently we find ourselves scrunched into all sorts of positions which ultimately impact our health in the long run…

If your posture is causing you chronic pain and ongoing health issues, then we think this could quite possibly be the best posture brace for round shoulders. It provides a simple and smart solution to instantly correcting posture.

It’s the best electronic posture brace for being an unobtrusive device. You can re-calibrate it to your personal preferences on a daily, even hourly basis. It is completely adjustable, even more so than your traditional posture braces with a much wider range of possibilities. The fact that it can track your activity and calories burned on a daily basis is a definite positive, something we need to be aware of. Personally, the Lumo Lift is a fresh and versatile product to get you motivated to better health and leaving chronic pain and poor posture behind.

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