The Best Posture Corrector Bra For Women: IntelliSkin Posturecue Sports Bra Review

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“Maximum Support With IntelliSkin Women’s Empower 2.0 Posturecue Sports Bra”

When shopping for a sports bra or the best posture corrector bra for women it’s a good idea to read various sports bra reviews. This is particularly helpful if you are not sure about what a posture bra is and what it is designed to do. If you lead an active lifestyle, you will very likely be looking at purchasing one of these especially-designed pieces of clothing at some point in your life if you are an active sporting woman wanting good upper body support.

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What Is The Empower Sports Posture Bra And How Does It Work?

The Empower Sports Bra is a sports posture bra built on innovation. The design is the first of its kind employing a feature Intelliskin calls their PostureCue and CoreCue technology and designed to work as an intelligent skin to support your body where it needs to be supported. What this means is that the muscles of the back are used to assist those muscles in the chest.

The PostureCue innovation not only improves posture, it does so in such a manner that it reduces the pain associated with upper body injury. In addition to the advanced technology and form-fitting material that holds the wearers  muscles firmly in place when this sports posture bra is being used, this product is also very comfortable to wear.

The Empower Sports Bra is made of a blend of 56-percent nylon and 44-percent lycra and IntelliSkin says  it is so comfortable to wear, it is can effectively be worn for daily use. The PostureCue technology supports and aligns the muscles along the spine and shoulders which results in instant improved posture benefits. Online maximum support sports posture bra reviews  indicate this product has been credited with improving athletic performance in some users.

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What Others Have Said Of Their Intelliskin: The Best Posture Corrector Bra For Women …

Maximum support posture bra reviews rave about the Empower Sports Bra. In most cases, once the product is worn an instant realignment is noticed. The natural adjustment results from the PostureCue technology and is effective as it is not a forced motion. This natural alignment contributes to achieving proper posture which leads to faster healing of an injury and prevents additional injury resulting from stress on the joints or muscles being protected.

Other maximum posture bra reviews online point to how the Empower Sports Bra assists in correcting muscle cramping issues. Even physical therapists have suggested some of their clients try this as the best posture corrector bra for women to correct problems that physical therapy cannot resolve.

Intelliskin Posture Bra Sizing and Fit Concerns…

Intelliskin sports posture bra

posture correcting sports bra with zip for women

The IntelliSkin Empower Sports Bra and Sports Bra Zip are specially designed pieces of sports support wear for women created to improve posture and relieve pressure from muscles and joints that have been injured. Although this product is lightweight and comfortable, proper sizing and fit are essential in order to benefit from using this item.

Maximum support sports posture bras reviews verify what the manufacturer says about a proper fit. IntelliSkin states that “optimal product functionality” can only be achieved by a proper fitting sports posture brace. They even suggest that their product should be “compressive, but not uncomfortable.”

With this in mind, users of this product have made many useful suggestions related to a proper size and fit. One suggestion is to order a size smaller than you would normally wear if you are purchasing the sports posture bra to assist specifically with posture and muscle pain issues. Another important observation shows that large breasted  women may not gain any help from this product resulting from the fit of this garment.

The main difference between the Empower Sports Bra and Empower Sports Bra Zip is that latter has a zip feature.

This slight variation on the original design has also been noted by many users who say they like it as it provides a quick and easy method of putting the product on or taking it off. Aside from that difference, both items use the PostureCue technology for aligning shoulders and improving posture.


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TheIntelliSkin Sports Posture Bra Bottom Line…

There is no doubt that the innovative design of the IntelliSkin Empower Sports Bra and Sports Bra Ziphas made this product popular with many women.

The fact that it delivers on the promise of an encouraging natural and unforced alignment that supports muscles and improves posture makes it a good choice in correcting posture issues or assisting with injury healing. The Intelliskin Empower 2.0 PostureCue is one of the best posture corrector bras for women. It feels good on the skin, fits well and works, what more do we need ladies

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