Does A Back Brace for Posture Really Work?

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If you have a session with any chiropractor regarding your back pain, I’m sure he will ask you if you sit for long hours. Having a sedentary desk job is a huge contributor to poor posture and upper back pain due to the unnatural position we often sit in when we work at the desk.

Do any of these sound familiar, slumped shoulders, upper back hunched over, rounded back, head over extended forward, twisted to one side when sitting…?

Sitting Up Very Straight Can Cause Strain

In fact, sitting at the desk with your back straight is also not good as it is an unnatural position and puts all your back muscles under strain.What do we do as most of us have an office job which requires us to sit for long hours without breaks…. These are the 10 most popular braces to change your posture and reduce pain

What’s The Best Angle To Sit At Your Work Station At?

Scientific research reveals sitting at a 135 degree recline is the healthiest posture if you sit for long hours. Make sure you stretch and move your position every 20 minutes or so to keep your muscles flexible and blood flowing for maximum benefit. A good back brace for posture can make all the difference to your upper back and provide an easy solution to poor posture and back pain.

An Easy Solution For Poor Posture And Pain: A Back Brace For Posture

The design of a back brace effectively supports your back, and at the same time, pulls your shoulders back into correct alignment. You will find many back brace designs that both support your entire back and encourage your shoulders into proper position. This will definitely give you great results and you’ll love using it and the flow on benefits in every area of your life .

Are There Different Types Of Back Braces?

Posture corrective braces are basically categorized into 3 groups:

  • supportive
  • corrective
  • immobilizing braces.

Benefits Of Using A Corrective Brace

Posture corrective braces are primarily used to help scoliosis or kyphosis, whereas supportive and immobilizing braces are used to straighten and encourage the back muscles into proper position and to support the injured area of your body. This may be after an operation,  sports / work injury or years of poor posture have finally impacted on your physical wellbeing.

A back brace for posture may  vary enormously in the materials from which they are constructed. They are made from:

  • Elasticized panels
  • Some have neoprene panels inserted
  • Some have cloth sections
  • Some are made from silk such as the BaX-U brace
  • Many have adjustable straps for comfort
  • Many incorporate steel rods in pockets at the back of the brace to encourage proper posture and give strong support
  • The back brace may fit only the upper back or go from upper back to below the hips in length
  • Some are a corset style and give excellent  posture support.
  • Some include padded pressure sections or a block to push in to remind you to straighten up

Braces For Men: Braces For Women

Some posture corrective braces are created specifically for men and some posture braces are created with  womens needs and figure in mind. Having said that, the majority of posture corrective braces are unisex and perfectly able to be worn by both men and women and there is a posture corrective brace to suit your needs.

 The Medical Profession And A Back Brace for Posture

The medical profession are in two minds whether a back brace for posture is ideal for treating poor posture and injuries. There are many professional  who feel the use of a brace can cause damage to muscles, or the user may become dependent on the brace, causing lazy muscles.

The majority do agree the use of a proper back brace encourages and retrains the muscles to correct and proper posture as well as providing much needed support to help injuries heal easily.

A Good Quality Brace Eases Muscular Strain: Reduces Pain

A good back brace for posture takes the strain, allowing the muscles to relax, realign and heal while being completely supported by the back brace. You will be delighted to know documented studies on these braces showed they were extremely helpful for almost 60%of the patients with poor posture and back pain, including lower back pain.

What People Have Said About Their Back Brace For Posture…

People who have worn a posture corrective back brace for some 2-3 months say that its use has helped them greatly improve their posture and reduced back pain. It has improved their posture to some great extent, and at the very least, prevented their posture from further declining.

It’s True. Some People Do Not Benefit From Their Posture Brace…

Some people have not benefited from their posture corrective brace, and felt  buying a back posture brace was a waste of money.  The truth is, buying a back brace for posture will be a waste of time if you don’t choose the best design for you.

Try A Different Brand- It May Take A Few Attempts…

There are numerous types of designs meant for different purposes; you won’t get desired results if you end up buying a wrong one. You may need to try two or three posture braces before you find the proper one specifically for you.

Some people complained the back brace was quite bulky, and its prolonged use was too warm and uncomfortable. The simplest solution, change your back brace!

Choose another back brace with the  simplest design. As mentioned earlier, you will only see results if you choose the back brace that is comfortable for you.

Examples Of A Few Different Brace Styles

Do Back Braces for Posture Really Work?

Yes is the simple answer. In summing up all aspects, a back brace does work well when it comes to correcting your posture,supporting a painful back from poor posture, surgery or preventing your posture from declining further, provided  you choose the best back brace for you.

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