Posture Excercises

Improve Posture With These 3 Posture Saving Tips in Only 10 Minutes A Day

Here are some nifty ideas and simple stretches you can do a few times a week to vastly improve your less than desirable posture, feel looser and stand up straight. There are so many downsides to poor posture, chronic pain, headaches, backpain, leg pain. Your body is crying out for change. Be proactive today- chnage your life Read More

Posture Quiz: Do You Think YOU Have Good Posture…

Posture is the precursor to movement, and all movement, whether large or small, starts as a bodily reaction we make to a stimulus we receive. Our reaction, the things we do, is largely the same, whatever the stimulus. Quiz: test your postural knowledge and beliefs We all have ideas about Read More

Top 4 Posture Exercises To Get Better Posture In 2 Weeks

Posture Exercises For A Stronger Back Maintaining optimal posture is not only about standing upright or pulling your shoulders back  when you remember to do so; your body muscles must have sufficient strength to help you stand in an upright position, even if you don’t remember to do so. In Read More

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