BSN Deluxe Clavicle Support Brace For Optimal Shoulder Support

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clavicle support brace

BSN Medical Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support Brace for Fractures, Sprains, Shoulder Problems

Designed specifically for clavicle fractures and made to serve as the best clavicle support brace on the market, the  BSN Medical Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support Brace works to help correct sprains and shoulder instability as well as the treatment of fibromyalgia.

The Deluxe Clavicle support brace assists its wearers by pulling their shoulders back, helping to align the clavicle while simultaneously providing outstanding posture support. Added comfort is achieved through the addition of extra-soft padding wicks if you are wearing this shoulder brace for a long period. Furthermore, The Deluxe Clavicle support brace employs an excellent on/off application through its backpack like design.

Clavicle fractures occur when there is a bone fracture in the clavicle (or collarbone). These fractures are commonly caused by a person falling with outstretched arms onto their shoulders or result from a direct hit taken to their clavicle. Many people with low intakes of calcium or vitamin D are often at a higher risk of experiencing such fractures. Most often, those that partake in extreme sports such as mountain biking or snowboarding are at a higher risk of suffering from a clavicle fracture after falling off their bikes or boards onto a hard surface…

The most noticeable symptoms of a clavicle fracture include  pain around the front part of the person’s chest while in motion. Sufferers may also experience swelling which, when the swelling subsides, are able to feel the clavicle fracture through their skin.

Any type of sprain is defined as  damage directly toward a person’s ligaments or joints and range from minor injuries normally subsiding after a few days, to major ruptures which may call for surgery and immobilization. The risk of sprain is increased when a person is carrying a large amount of muscle fatigue or weak muscles. Athletes who fail to ‘warm up’ before any strenuous exercise are also thought to be highly susceptible to debilitating sprains.

BSN Medical Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support Brace

clavicle support brace

Fully machine-washable, the Deluxe Clavicle is offered in three sizes. For those with chest measurements of between 31.5 and 37 inches, a medium-sized shoulder support brace is preferred. People measuring in at 37 to 43 inches are encouraged to purchase a large size while those slightly bigger with 43 to 49 inch upper-chests are advised to grab the extra-large clavicle support brace.

Worried about rashes and other irritations? Customers have reported the material on the clavicle support brace is soft and very comfy. Additionally, it is fully adjustable, giving you the freedom to make it fit your particular figure and loosen and tighten to suit your daily needs.

A wearer measuring to be 5’2” and weighing around 60kg commented on how the medium Deluxe fits great. Points for this shoulder brace are given for its ease of use, as well as how well it can be concealed under normal clothes. Once taken off for a break, wearers have often caught themselves slipping back into their poor posture but thanks to the time spent walking around in the Deluxe Clavicle support brace they are quick to adjust back to the healthy posture.

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BSN Medical Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support Brace

Deluxe clavicle support brace

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