Does A Compression Top Hide Gynecomastia Successfully?

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Does A Compression Top Hide Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition where the breast tissues of men or boys grows excessively. It is also referred to as “Man boobs” or “moobs” The condition is caused by an imbalance between the estrogen and testosterone hormones in the body. It is common in newborns, boys, and older men that maybe undergoing hormonal changes. There are a number of treatment options, some invasive such as surgery, others not so – medication. Some men have asked me, does a compression top hide gynecomastia?

Does A Compression Top Hide Gynecomastia?

The answer is yes, however, successfully using a compression shirt for man boobs depends on breast size. The firmest compression will work extremely well to flatten mens breasts when they are smaller so as to look relatively streamlined under everyday clothing or working out.

Even the best compression shirts will struggle to hide man breasts when they are large.  Trying different solutions on how to hide man moobs so you feel confident and comfortable is well worth taking the time.

Style Hacks To Hide Male Breasts:

  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Compression shirts
  • Taping
  • Diet and weightloss
  • Gym workouts, chest sculpting
  • Choose clothes which fit- going baggy actually doesn’t work
  • Wear patterned tops or shirts to divert attention
  • Wearing white shirts can really draw attention to your chest


A Little Background Into What Is Gynecomastia

First off, we’ll cover a little background about just what is Gynecomastia, what causes it, symptoms to look out for, and Gynecomastia management.

It is not a life threatening condition; however, it can be hard to cope with at times. Some men may feel pain or be embarrassment when they take off their shirts. The condition may at times go away on its own or a person may get surgery or medication to remove the excess tissue. In other cases, it can be managed by use of compression t-shirts to suppress the look of the breast tissue size.


Gynecomastia is easily identified by observing the size of the breast tissue and feeling its tenderness. Gynecomastia tissue looks more like a breast and feels softer compared to ordinary muscle tissue. While a muscular person may have muscle tissue at the breast region, a person suffering from Gynecomastia will have what looks like a tissue growth that is similar to a woman’s breasts.


The underlying cause of Gynecomastia is a change in the hormonal balance in males. There are two hormones that determine the sex characteristics of a person. There is the testosterone hormone that gives the male characteristics and there is the estrogen female hormone. Men have both of these hormones although the estrogen hormone is produced in much smaller quantities compared to the testosterone hormone.

However, certain factors can imbalance between these two hormones and the levels of the estrogen hormone may increase. When that happens, female physical characteristics will start to manifest in the male individual.

Factors That Can Cause the Testosterone-Estrogen Imbalance

a) Maternal Hormones in Infants

Infants are exposed to the mother’s hormone when they are still in the womb. That leads to enlarged breast tissue during their development. After birth, they are no longer exposed to their mother’s estrogen hormone. The size of their breast tissue then normalizes within a few weeks.

b) Growth Hormones in Puberty

Most adolescent males will experience a growth of their breast tissue that is not normal. That excessive breast tissue growth is caused by hormonal changes that occur during puberty and may sometimes. In most cases, the imbalance is restored within a few weeks or months.

The breast tissue size then gets restored within a six months or at most two years. No treatment is required in almost all gynecomastia puberty cases.

c) Aging in Older Men

Men between the ages of 50 to 69 are likely to get gynecomastia. About 1 in every 4 men at that age bracket will get “moobs”. Men who are overweight are at a higher risk of getting gynecomastia as they get older compared to those with are healthy. This can be an extremely distressing and embarrassing situation for men, especially in intimate relationships. They may research how to flatten man boobs without needing to undergo surgery or use medication.

For adult males in general, a leading cause of “man boobs” in men in general is the estrogen creams used by their wives. These creams transfer the estrogen hormones to men during intimacy and after a period of time, breast tissue growth starts to manifest in the man’s body.

When to seek Medication

It is possible for Gynecomastia to get worse to a point where it’s uncomfortable and medical intervention becomes a necessity. You may need to see a doctor if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in one or both breasts
  • Swelling in one or both breasts
  • Tenderness in the breasts that does not feel normal to you
  • Discharge from one or both nipples

Once you get to a physician, he may order some medical tests to establish the cause of the breast tissue swelling. The most common tests administered are blood tests or mammograms tests. Other advanced tests that a physician may order include tissue biopsies, testicular ultrasounds, Computerized Tomography, and Magnetic Imaging scans.

After the physician has identified the cause of the pain in the gynecomastia tissue, he will prescribe a treatment. The treatment could be in form of pills, surgery, or a combination.

Gynecomastia Management

Apart from medical interventions to treat gynecomastia, other options of how to flatten man boobs can include workouts and compression t-shirts or tops. Those methods are preferred when the gynecomastia condition is mild, shows no bad signs such as discharge, and is not painful.

1) Compression Tops: Does A Compression Top Hide Gynecomastia?

The compression tops are the best option for managing gynecomastia if it is not serious and only feels embarrassing. They are designed to give your body a masculine physique. They compress the excess breast tissue to eliminate the saggy appearance.

Where to wear Compression Tops

You can use compression shirt in places where you need to dress casually without having to take off your top. It is best to avoid going to a pool wearing a compression shirt because it will raise suspicion if you don’t take it off.

Why Compression Tops are Preferred

A short sleeve compression top, slimming body shaping vest, or men’s compression tank top gives your body a more masculine look by transforming the look of the excessive tissue. They are also a very affordable solution and available in multiple designs. Many body shaping vests for men have an

Brand names such as Under Armour, Tesla, GKVK Mens, Esteem Apparel for Men all make compression shirts, slimming vests and tank tops to smooth your chest out. The fabrics used are high tech, offering 4 way stretch with high compression rates. Polyester, Lycra, Elastane, Spandex, Nylon are the main materials used in the garments.

2) Workouts

Gym workouts  can stimulate the body to increase testosterone hormone levels. Working out at the gym to develop and tone chest muscles with a targeted routine is another solution to tone up a flabby chest.  Some reps to consider: Pushups, Dumbbell Bench Presses, Crossover Pushups, Bench Presses and Incline Dumbbell Presses. By building muscle through strength training, gym work ignites your metabolism, which burns calories and accelerates fat loss.

The same can happen when you engage in competitive sport with other men. The desire to compete and win stimulates the release of testosterone hormones. Once the hormonal balance is restored, you may start to notice a decline in breast tissue.

3) Taping:  How To Hide Moobs With Tape

Another effective way in learning how to hide man breasts is to tape them down with an elasticated bandage. Depending on how large your moobs are, the elasticated bandage may be all you need. You may find wearing a compression t shirt or a slimming body shaper keeps the elasticated bandage firmly in place during the day and smooths out any visible lines.

There are also chest binders available which look a little like a woman’s corset. They are around 8 inches wide, elasticated with either hooks and eyes or Velcro fasteners.


Concluding Thoughts On Does A Compression Top Hide Gynecomastia…

Overall, you shouldn’t be worried about Gynecomastia. As long as you are not experiencing any pain or abnormal symptoms, you can use tanks-tops and gym workouts to help reduce the appearance of your chest and keep the condition under control. Being overweight can raise your chances of getting Gynecomastia as you age and should be avoided anyway. A compression top can hide man breasts very well, whether you choose a tank top, short sleeve compression top or a body sculpting vest.

If you suspect the cause could be the use of hormonal creams by your partner, you could seek medical advice on the best alternative for your partner. We hope this article has been informative and offered some useful thoughts  ….

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