Improve Posture With These 3 Posture Saving Tips in Only 10 Minutes A Day

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how long does it take to correct posture Maybe you’re reading this hunched awkwardly over your desk or phone, or you’ve have caught sight of this person (stranger) in the window with a horribly curved back and wondered who on earth it was…. With a jerk of shock, you realize it’s actually you:( Improving your posture is a process that requires quite a lot of discipline, observation and understanding. It is not enough to correct your posture whenever your back is bent, or your head is leaning too far forward.

Better Posture Improves Your Dance Technique!

If you are keen to work towards improved posture, the best starting point is more about you gently bringing yourself back into good posture habits whenever you catch yourself out. There is no point in being hard on yourself. That simply makes you feel bad! It only takes a few minutes to do these corrective exercises at your home or office once or twice a day. You will be surprised at how much more relaxed your back and shoulders feel, as well as a straighter stance.

 Where Do Your Less Desirable Posture Issues Lie? Back, Hips, Neck?

First off, it’s essential for you to identify where your most common postural problems lie.. For example are you slumping, is your head in a neanderthal forward position, do your hips jut forwards while your shoulders are awkwardly slung back and rounded??  That’s great if you have figured out where your issues are!It’s great because now you can work on them and see the benefits.

By identifying specific problems you can include exercise routines that gradually work on helping you strengthen your poor posture habits. I don’t even like calling them poor- lets call them less desirable. Great activities that are brilliant for improving your whole body and bringing about desirable:) posture  can include yoga, Pilates, gym work, mindful walking, a set of stretching routines you can find on Youtube

Good posture depends on many elements working seamlessly together to create the best possible balance. You can’t easily improve your posture by focusing on one body part only. However, if you focus on improving, supporting and strengthening the spine, back, neck and head positions, you can over a shorter period of time help or heal the cause of the most common postural problems.

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Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To Good Posture!

The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture

1)… Discover the Curvature of the Spine

curvature of the spine

To be in a state of awareness of posture, you need to become aware of your spine. Learn to feel the natural curves of your spine. The worst of most common bad posture habits almost always creates muscular pain and tension by pulling your natural spine curvature out of its natural desirable position.

The natural curvature of your spine can be seen through  the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. In a person displaying good posture these natural curves run smoothly, maintaining their natural line without pain.

If you’d rather not be someone who is hunched over, and has chronic joint pain, then please stand up straight! More specifically, start working on your posture with these exercises. Posture is as important as your mother said it was.

If you have Thoracic Kyphosis, I have created an extensive article on Ways To Help Thoracic Kyphosis.

These exercises focus and work on releasing tensions that are built up in this area and help the spine to become more flexible.
Any exercises that focus on flexing the spine inward and outward are excellent, whether standing or lying on the floor. You can find these types of exercises in the Alexander Method, Pilates and Yoga postures.

I love Yoga With Adriene as she makes yoga exercises nice and easy:) Her YouTube channel is a lot of fun and the following links are to her channel. Enjoy!

These 3 Yoga Poses Are Excellent:

In your everyday life as you go about home and work, the gym or for a drink, observe how you move. Become aware of the symbiotic relationship between the pelvis and spine. Gently encourage these parts of the body to move in an easy, natural way while walking, dancing or doing any physical activity. As you cultivate awareness of the natural curves of your spine, it will become easier to automatically correct the position of your body throughout the day.

2)… Exercises to Relax Back Muscles And Improve Posture

Desirable posture is dependent on how strong the back muscles are. If your back muscles are chronically tight or too weak, they simply are unable to work naturally to support the structure of the back with proper posture.

Chronic life affecting back pain and discomfort are often an unfortunate result of undesirable weak back muscles. Poor posture habits , weak muscles, pain do work at creating a vicious circle.

15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Posture To Desirable!

The good news is you can break this vicious circle. Make sure you include in your routine exercises to strengthen, stretch and relax all those long and short muscles of the back. Try to break up those exercises into 10-15 minute workouts a few times a week so they don’t become a drag! Work on strengthening all the muscle groups of the back, including the trapezius and chest muscles.

Preferably these back exercises are quite basic and moderate to begin with. You can always work up to more extensive ones as your muscle strength improves:) In fact, Yoga exercises are great because they meet the three functions to strengthen, stretch and relax.

The Following Yoga Exercises Are Beneficial:

3)… Align Your Head With The Neck And Shoulders

Did you know desirably good posture has your head in line with your neck and shoulders? Your head which weighs around 11 pounds is heavy! Your head should not be  tilted forward or backward, or to the left or right.

That position seems logical. However, one of the most common postural problems is excessive forward head tilt. This often happens when the upper back is forced into an unnatural forward postion. People who spend a large portion of their day sitting at a computer are unlucky enough to feel this on a daily basis. This undesirable head posture creates a great deal of stress and tension in the neck muscles.

Here are my tips to help you improve your head postion as you now know how much your head weighs in at – 11 pounds. That is a heavy weight for your neck to support!

head position1. Become aware of the position of your head when you’re sitting and especially if you work long hours at the computer. Remind yourself to check the position of your head every half hour.

2. Focus  on your head position. Feel the seven vertebrae of your neck and find the midpoint of the imaginary horizontal line across the shoulders and focus on keeping them all in a straight line as you work at your desk

3. Practice neck exercises that release tension in the cervical area. Neck rotations coordinated with slow breathing are excellent. Many yoga postures are also excellent for improving neck posture and full spine, such as Tree Pose and Mountain Pose .


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