Back Posture Support With Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Brace

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The Neo G lower back support corset is strategically designed to support its wearers by lowering their chances of developing early thoracic kyphosis, as well as providing pre or post-operative rehabilitation aid. Reviews of this product as being a corset for back support for that is anatomically designed for a high level of support and correction are well above average.

Is This a Lower Back Support Brace? 

This brace is medically engineered as a medical corset for back pain / spinal brace, providing posture support by evenly distributing pressure across the soft tissues of the dorsal and lumbar spine. It does double duty acting as a lumbar back brace and a general posture support in one.  This allows the product to correct posture while providing greater lower back support, helping to relieve pain and take the stress off your back muscles.

For people with both sedentary and active lifestyles, this lower back support corset offers comfortable flexibility without hindering or restricting movement or mobility.

Can Custom Fit A Range Of Body Shapes

The best aspect of this product is its ability to custom fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The 3 adjustable bands create a personalized level of support exactly where the body requires support- the upper, middle and lumbar areas.

Elasticized Bands Are “Breathable”

Another plus we like is the brace is made to be relatively breathable in the warmer weather. Will it be completely cool to wear when it’s hot? No, not completely. The elasticized wrap bands are fairly flat and slimline so it can  be worn under clothes without being looking too chunky.

Additionally, this posture corrective brace helps those with rounded or slumped shoulders as the elasticized bands firmly pull shoulders back. It’s actually really quite difficult to actively slouch over the computer, especially with the stays slotted in down the back!


Only The LONG Back Length Contains Firm Stays

Extra back support is offered through the inclusion of firm and flexible ‘stays’ allowing wearers to acheive their desired level of support they need on a day to day basis.

Please not only the Long back option comes with the stays included. If you prefer the option of extra support, make sure you order the Long Back version!

How To Measure

Please make sure to measure from the nape of your neck down to the base of your spine. The video  “How to Apply the Dorsolumbar Back Support” shows how to measure the spinal length to correctly choose the right size of the corset for back support.

A / STANDARD Back Length: up to 21.3 In / up to 54 cm
B / LONG Back Length over 21.3 In / over 54 cm

full back corset support for kyphosis, lumbar support and posture support

Encourage Good Posture With Neo G Dorsolumbar Back Posture Support

Made from breathable materials, the Neo G’s adjustable straps  with comfortable shoulder pads offer a posture corrective brace with enhanced wearability. Like all the best back posture support designs, the slimline design of the Neo G is comfortable to wear under your clothes.

The Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Brace has been registered as a Class 1 Medical Device under the UK’s ‘Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’.

How Does The Dorsolumbar Back Posture Support Work?

The Dorsolumbar support works by gently and firmly encouraging both the dorsal and lumbar spine into alignment with the added flexibility of the stays coupled with the brace’s anatomical design. Further support is provided via the elasticized bands for muscles, tendons and ligaments: encouraging an overall improvement in posture and body postion. Muscle aches and pains are eased as are spasms through compression of the soft tissue areas as pressure is applied evenly over the lumbar and middle upper back area.

The Neo G brace Features 3 Adjustable Velcro Straps;

  • 1 strap that wraps around the wearer’s lower-back one that works to tighten and create a pull around the lower-mid back
  •  a longer strap that assists in pulling the wearer’s shoulders into correct position.
  • Additionally, lower-back padding is provided with the Neo G that adds to the comfort that this back posture support brings to your body.

For Extra Support- Insert The Stays

For those wanting a full back brace with the option of removable stays, this product is a good solution. The Dorsolumbar Support comes with a pair of firm but flexible stays so the user has the option of inserting them into the back pockets of the brace for added support.

Optimal back posture support is further attained by the inclusion of shoulder strap padding to cater for those that complain of the shoulder straps rubbing too aggressively into the wearer’s skin, causing them to frequently adjust for comfort.

What Sizes Are Available? 

medical corset for back pain

This posture corrective brace is sold in 4 sizes. Be aware the sizing runs on the smaller side, so it’s best to order the next size up.

  • A small size  is recommended for persons with a waist size of 60-70cm,
  • A medium-sized brace is best suited for those with a waist measurement ranging from 70-85cm.L
  • Large-sized braces are ideal for people with a waist size between 85 and 100cm; and, extra-large braces are available to people measuring in at 100–115cm.
  • People looking to buy a brace of a bigger size are able to do so through purchase of an XXL size (115–135cm).With an adjustable fit made customizable to meet the needs of any body type along with the traditional slimline design and breathable material, the Neo G makes for a comfortable and easy fit under the wearer’s clothes.

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