Top Tips For Better Posture At Work

 better posture at work

Your Work Posture Is Important

In this fast-paced world, you need to work. And to be able to work properly, you must have good posture,  a healthy body and a peaceful mind. People often overlook their poor body posture at work, which is not good for their general health. After all, a peaceful mind and an optimally functioning body come from  good posture and a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining better posture at work not only helps you to work more effectively,  breathe properly, to think effectively, but also gives you enough confidence to face work challenges as well as presenting a confident, in charge appearance.

Better Posture At The Office

You reach the office and sit down, feeling motivated  you’ll work with great productivity  today. You start the days project on your computer, and no sooner the hour hand ticks from 10am to 11am, your concentration loses its sharp focus and you begin slouching over the keyboard. Just then, one of your staff members comes to you to discuss an important issue.

Your poor posture subliminally tells him quite subconsciously as well as consciously you are not focused nor interested in what he has to say,  not only embarrassing  your in front of your staff member, but also stop you from interacting intellectually with him as well as you could.

Posture has a far greater effect than we could ever imagine. Just for a moment stop and look at how you are sitting… are you straight or hunched over? Are your shoulders scrunched up or are they down? Are you sitting at an angle to your work station or straight on? Are you holding your breath or breathing easily? Are your muscles tense or relaxed…?

Now, sit up straight, put your shoulders down, tuck your tail bone down straight so its in a straight line with your shoulders, head up straight and take some big deep breaths that fill your lungs right up….. There, how much better do you feel after a few minutes of focusing on how your body looks and feels after resetting your posture.

Interestingly there have been a stack of studies done on the importance of posture and the messages we unconsciously send out to the world about how we feel emotionally and how our self confidence and self esteem levels are.

If you have dreams of working your way up the corporate ladder or generally wan to feel better and  improve your interactions with the world, change your posture. Employers like an employee who presents confidently and show they feel good about themselves and have what it takes.

Long Hours = Poor Posture

It’s quite normal to lose posture after long hours of work that involves physical stress, as the muscles become fatigued over time. If you want to maintain better posture at work, even after long hours at the computer, try  considering the following sitting positions.

  • Keep your upper arms close to the body.
  • Keep your head leveled, balanced and forward facing. You can bend your head slightly forward if you like. Your head should be in-lined with the torso most of the time.
  • Your forearms, wrists and hands should be straight, in-lined and more or less parallel to the ground.
  • Your shoulders should be as relaxed as possible and down. Make sure both shoulders are at the same level
  • Keep your elbows closer to the body and make sure they are bent between 90 and 120 degrees.
  • Support your feet while you’re sitting. If the desk height isn’t adjustable, make use of a footrest.
  • Make sure your back is properly supported by  good lumbar support in your work chair.
  • The seat should be padded and be able to support your thighs and hips.
  • Keep your knees at the same height as the hips. It’s good if you push your feet slightly forward.
  • Consider getting a FitBall instead of a chair. They are so comfortable, good for core strength and you can do little exercises on them as you work to stretch your muscles.

better posture at work

Take Short Breaks For Better Posture At Work

Take short breaks. Research has show we can be at our most productive in short bursts so a break for 5 mins every 55 minutes is highly beneficial. Don’t sit continuously for a long time, its quite simply not healthy. At intervals, get up from your chair and more around. If your employer will not give you enough time to move around, try to change your work position.

If you sit continuously without even changing your position, your muscles will  get stiff causing you to lose posture and encouraging poor posture and consequently back pain over time. This is where a Fitball as mentioned above can make all the difference.

I bought this brand of Fitball after my physiotherapist recommended I get one and it has made all the difference for me. My bottom doesn’t get sore anymore and I can do little exercises every now and then. I found it has helped my posture a lot and personally I think all employees who sit at a computer for long hours should have one. Make sure you fit in some stretching exercises at intervals. Stretching exercises will help you retrain your muscles and can allow you to maintain better posture at work for a long time.

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