Stand Up Str8 Posture Strap Makes For Perfect Posture

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Posture Aid - Stand Up Str8 Posture StrapPoor posture can impact you more negatively than you realize in many areas of your life. Poor posture can lead to a host of health complications such as headaches, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, kyphosis, digestive issues digestive issues and more…

Sitting at a work desk for hours on end doesn’t help either, especially when so many of us have office jobs which require us to bend over a computer.

Fortunately, the good news is there is an effective method to help fix your posture problem and Stand Up Str8 Posture Strap for posture is a simple solution. And while your posture is not going to magically improve overnight, within a short period of time you will feel and see a difference.

office postureThis is a really simple device which you can use for just two minutes every day. If you are really motivated, I would suggest to use the Stand Up Str8 on a much more regular basis to improve your posture quickly.

When the core and back muscles become weak, the whole body is thrown out of alignment. By focusing on strengthening the middle back muscles, as well as core muscles, you will notice a big difference.

The Stand Up Str8 is not designed as a posture brace which many of us are familiar with. It is designed as a very simple to use and portable exercise device or posture strap, which specifically targets those weak middle back muscles. It is exceptionally simple to use and works on resistance which is proven to very quickly strengthen muscles.

Benefits of the Stand Up Str8:

  • Does not need to be worn for extended periods of time,ONLY 2 MINUTES EVERY OTHER DAY
  • Prevents neck and back pain as well as headaches
  • Improves forward head carriage issues
  • Designed to strengthen those important muscles between the shoulder blades which hold shoulders back
  • Instructions for how to use and proper fit with links to “how to” FAQ videos
  • One size fits shoulder circumference of more than 39″
  • Those with a smaller circumference should buy a Stand Up Str8, Jr
  • Made in the U.S.A. by a personal trainer/rehabilitation specialist with over 25 years’ experience
posture strap for straight backed posture how to fix postureA regular posture brace will only push your shoulders into better posture, the muscles are not strengthened and remain weak so the long-term benefits are not as great.

Strengthening those key middle back muscles is crucial to improving posture. Yes, it does take time and it does take effort, it took you a long time to achieve poor posture.

Adjustable Straps

The Stand Up Str8 features adjustable straps which slip up your arms towards the top of your arm. The cushioned straps do need to feel firm on your arms and across your chest. If there is too much slack, meaning the straps are loose, the posture strap will not work. You will need to tighten the straps.

Stand Up Str8 Posture Strap
Middle Back Posture Strap Stand Up Str8
The centre ring is made from a tough elastic material to expand and contract as you work the posture strap. The best benefit we liked about it was you can have as much resistance as you would like.

When you sit for long periods of time at a computer and your posture is, dare we say it not particularly good, that the resistance created by the Stand Up Str8 is excellent at stretching and working those middle back muscles. There is muscular tension release from the resistance work of the posture strap.

Our Closing Thoughts On The Stand Up STr8 Posture Strap

The Stand Up Str8 is solidly made, no plastic flimsy parts to break. The fact it is made in the USA is appealing  The resistance element works very well and people commented on how their posture improved as their middle back muscles strengthened. One last point about the Stand Up STr8 posture strap, is it is not meant to be worn under clothing.

posture strap for straight backed posture

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