What To Look For In A Compression Shirt: Why You Need One???

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Compression shirts are pieces of clothing that provide support that is especially useful for people who have to stand for long periods, or people with poor circulation. The garments can come in varying degrees of compression. They are very popular with sports women and men as they help reduce muscle fatigue. But – what to look for in a compression shirt when you are trying to decide which one to buy….??

Compression Shirts Are Not Your Ordinary Shirt

The best compression shirts for men are used in the gym, during physical activity, or when performing in professional sports and other events. These shirts adapt tightly to your body shape and press against your upper body areas, particularly your upper arm areas, shoulders, ribs, back and waist.

Compression shirts are manufactured from a highly engineered material, usually a combination of Nylon, Lycra and Neoprene, which stretches to fit tightly around your skin. A compression shirt works by compressing your muscles, which helps to move blood around your body and transport more oxygen efficiently to your muscles.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Shirt

Better blood circulation for better performance

What To Look For In A Compression Shirt

The science behind compression clothing is that applying balanced surface pressure over specific body parts triggers an acceleration of blood flow, increasing oxygen delivery to muscle groups being worked to enhance their performance.

Lactic Acid Reduction…

The circulation improvements also help the body reduce the build-up of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. The combination of these effects allows you to work at a higher rate for longer periods.

Reduces Swelling…

Wearing tight, supportive shirt after sports or weightlifting can apply the kind of pressure that has been proven to cut down on swelling and inflammation.

Flattens Man Moobs…

If you suffer from gynecomastia, choosing the right top can considerably diminish man moobs or hide them altogether.

Compression Shirt for Recovery

Compression shirts have been used for recovery by athletes by increasing blood flow to muscles when worn post work out. The increased blood flow helps deliver nutrients to the muscles and prevent swelling.

Runners and athletes who wear compression shirts experience less soreness and inflammation and recover faster. For athletes who have an upper body injury and must continue their training or workout routine, the pressure applied by a compression shirt may help to reduce soreness and excessive muscle movement, preventing further injury.

Improved posture

Doctors quite often advise people with back or upper body injury to try wearing one of these compressive shirts for additional posture support during the day. This pressure provides additional support to the areas compressed by the shirt and stabilizes your muscles. This leads to upper body alignment, and improved posture, since the firmness of compression helps to maintain muscle placement.

Prevent body odor

The types of materials used are an important element of what to look for in a compression shirt that will do the job its meant to… Compression shirts made of highly engineered materials, a combination of Nylon, Lycra and Neoprene, which stretch to fit tightly around your body are best.

These leading tech fabrics have the ability to draw moisture away from the body, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Many of the garments are also anti-bacterial material, which means even though you’re sweating, you’re less likely to have the undesirable side effect of body odor.

They help cool the body by wicking sweat from the body and allowing it to disperse faster leaving the body feeling cooler.

Different compression clothes are used to improve blood flow during the night and are removed in the morning. They can be used in different age groups and different activities to improve different kinds of performance, sometimes it is just ability to walk; sometimes it is the ability to lift heavier

What to Look For In The Best Compression Shirts For Men…

compression tank top for men

Snug Fit

Wearing a mens compression shirt before and after exercise is good for many reasons. Psychologically you are in the mood for competition and exercise, your body is primed and ready. Afterwards, as we mentioned those compressive qualities help your body recover faster from muscle fatigue, lactic acid buildup as well as keeping your muscles warm.

A good compression shirt should fit the wearer like a second skin to be able to provide to able to provide the pressure required when doing rigorous activity. Doctors often advise people with certain conditions to wear these shirts for a prescribed amount of time. Since they fit so perfectly, these shirts have been used as body shapers especially by men to hide a protruding belly

Breathable material

In as much as the shirt fits next to the skin, it should breath to leave you feeling fresh even in hot humid weather. The material should breath to prevent build of sweat which can be quite uncomfortable with fit clothing. A significant feature to consider regarding compression shirts is keeping your upper body cool in a warm environment, and maintaining warmth in colder surroundings.

Are There Any Dangers of Wearing Compression Shirts?

Tight fitting garments can endanger the body in several ways. Putting pressure on the abdomen squeezes internal organs, which can push acid from the stomach into the esophagus. For someone who has reflux disease or is prone to reflux, wearing tight garments may exacerbate those symptoms.

Studies are not entirely onclusive as to whether wearing tight garments when doing sports really helps. However, the psychological placebo effect is incredibly powerful as we know!  The idea of squeezing muscles to improve circulation, eliminate waste products and increase power by reducing the amount of force muscles need to produce has not been proven beyond doubt.

The Lycra and Neoprene material component makes the shirts highly flammable so the wearer does need to be careful when going near fire. Sparks will melt holes in these tops.

Wear Compression Tops Not Just For Sports But For Fashion Too

These shirts can be worn all on their own or as an undergarment with a regular athletic jersey or shirt over the top. They are available in many types and styles, including long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless or compression tank tops, and are available for both men and women.

Thinking about wearing mens compression shirts before and after or anytime… well you can! Compression wear has become a fashion statement with people donning these garments because they are functional and trendy. Now you know what to look for in a compression shirt, they may just become one of your favorite pieces of clothing….

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