Whats The Best Compression Shirt For Performance Results?

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Compression shirts are specially designed pieces of clothing in stretch fabrics that offer extra compressive support for those who workout, stand for extended periods of time, or for those with poor circulation. Some compression garments with higher degrees may actually require a prescription by your doctor. You may even ask, whats the best compression shirt actually do? Are they cracked up to be all the brands say….?

There is a great deal of conjecture around wearing compression gear, from t-shirts, sleeves, shorts, leggings or even socks. Some of it is scientifically proven and some is popular belief. And lets not discount the power of the mind…

  • Clinically compression gear is designed to create specific levels of pressure
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and soreness, better for muscle repair
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Physiological and psychological benefit of feeling fitter and faster
  • May reduce lactic acid buildup
  • You look slimmer, fast and athletic
  • Offers posture support and can improve your posture
  • Most performance compression apparel is hydrophobic,keeps you cool by wicking sweat away
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Under Armour Men's HeatGear Sonic Compression Short Sleeve

4.5 / 5 Stars

703 Customer Reviews

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Under Armour Men's Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

4.3 / 5 Stars

609 Customer Reviews

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Tesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Muscle Tank Baselayer Sleeveless R15

4.4 / 5 Stars

728 Customer Reviews

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Under Armour Men's HeatGear Armour Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

4.5 / 5 Stars
568 Customer Reviews

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CompressionZ Shirt Short Sleeve Top - Best Running T-Shirt & Basketball Men's Tee

4.4 / 5 Stars
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Neleus Women's 3 Pack Dry Fit Compression Long Tank Top

3.7 / 5 Stars
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Neleus Women's 3 Pack Dry Fit Athletic Compression Long / Short Sleeve T Shirt

4 / 5 Stars
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What Materials Are Used For Compression Garments?

Compression wear is most commonly made from spandex, lycra, nylon and Elastane types of materials which are form fitting to offer the best results. Some compression t shirts for men can be impregnated with silver to enhance post athletic recovery.

Wide Range Of Design Features And Colors

You’ll find these athletic compression garments for men and women can be purchased from almost any store in a variety of design features and a range of color choices.

No longer are you relegated to basic black in mens compression t shirts. Choose to stand out in red, green, blue, white, or, even those funky compression t- shirts with patterns such as Under Armours Superman top

In recent years, compression garments have been manufactured for sports, claiming to increase performance of players, and prevent or eliminate injury. While often unproven, many sports athletes choose to purchase, and wear the compression sportswear offered. The most common reported benefit is of muscles not feeling tired or sore afterward.

Having said the evidence is not always on the table, Intelliskin does say they use the same concepts as postural taping to promote optimal posture and scapular positioning. Intelliskin says their posture shirts “Signals posture and core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine, and trunk. Proper body alignment means you feel more connected and it instantly becomes easier for your body to repeat strong and fluid movements”

Skins have put a great deal of scientific studies into their compression wear and compression t shirts for men.

Like to see which are the most popular Intelliskin shirts?

Do They Make You Look Slimmer?

A question many men ask is, do compression shirts make you look slimmer? The short answer is yes. They hold you in, offer posture support depending on the style, reduce man boobs, hold in stomachs by reminding you to stand up straight, and generally slim your silhouette.

Compression Shirts Can Be Used As Sportswear and Medical Use

While medically, compression garments have been used for years, many sportswear companies have now designed various types of sleeves, leggings, shorts, and socks, and claiming they help with blood flow. They encourage the optimum positioning of the body, and improving sports performance.

These garments are often custom tailored for the top grade players, though still typically made of the same materials as their medical counterparts. However, while these garments are noted as helping increase performance during sports and workouts, their benefits are actually noticed more for post-exercise.

Post Exercise Recovery Benefits Debate

Compression aids in the recovery process of muscles and preventing further strain, as well as injury. During multiple trial tests, there are varying degrees of proof of the benefits of wearing compression garments during sports or workouts offered by manufacturers or sponsored players. We do recommend buying a good brand name.

This is not to say companies are untruthful, soemtimes the truths are often exaggerated, as with many other companies. Current popular opinion: there may be some truth to the claims revolving around compression and sportswear increasing performance and abilities while wearing them. With the way the garments fit, they provide special support, which increases the blood flow to certain muscles, reducing fatigue after sports activities or exercise.

Different Compression Gear For Different Sports

Because different sports require different muscles to perform, there are different types of compression which are better suited for certain athletes and sports.

For example, a runner would most benefit from compression gear for running from either compression socks, shorts or tights. For distance runners, a mens compression tank top could offer a great deal of physical support. A weightlifter would most likely prefer to use sleeves, or a long sleeved compression shirt for recovery after a workout.

The comfortable supportive feeling, and sweat absorption aspects of most of these compression garments make them a logical suitable choice for pro athletes, as well as many casual sports players. And for women, many seem to choose these for wearing during yoga.

Compression Shirts For Women Too!

Although most compression wear seems targeted towards men, there are also quite a few compression shirts for women as well. From tennis shorts, with convenient ball pockets, to tights for volleyball players, as well as shorts for those in non-contact sports, to be worn under skirts, not only for recovery purposes afterward, but also to prevent any potentially embarrassment of their underwear showing while playing.

What About Medical Compression Wear?

Compression leggings are used to help prevent deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots forming in deep veins, which can not only cause pain and swelling, but also pose serious health risks. Compression garments can be used for many types of injuries to aid in the patient’s recovery process, by offering muscular support, while not being uncomfortably tight-fitting.

The types of garments are most often long, almost knee length socks, or even sleeves for certain injuries, to aid in recovery, as well as physical therapy.

Another medical benefit to compression is to use it as a way to keep bandages in place for some patients, especially ones who are allergic to the tape often used to secure it. This can help patients, especially after surgery as well, as the muscular support offered can lead to a faster recovery time. And as well as easing, or even eliminating soreness, while also increasing the flow of blood to the extremities.

Men’s Compression Shirts

1) Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Short Sleeve

The Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Short Sleeve shirt is made with a smooth fabric which provides comfort and compression without any movement restrictions, with a chafe free seam which reduces later soreness, and Under Armour’s signature Moisture Transport System which draws moisture away from the body.

Smooth 4 Way Stretch Fabric For The Ultimate Burn

Its 4-way stretch polyester and Elastane mix helps maintain its shape over time, and allows for greater mobility, which helps while playing sports or working out. The Sonic is a good choice for compression gear for running, from their tops to their shorts and leggings.

Many men also like to wear an undershirt during the day to offer posture support, hold them in, reduce man boobs, support sore muscles etc. The HeatGear Sonic would be one of the best mens compression undershirts for this purpose.


UA have a wide range of sizes to fit virtually most body sizes. Sizes range from Small to 5 XL. The UA fit is snug, so a word of caution on buying- check the sizing carefully. If you like to show off your muscle definition, these compression t shirts for men will do the trick.

You get the benefits of a full range of motion while wearing it for any activity. The anti-odor technology prevents the fabric from becoming smelly from sweat, which can be very beneficial to players who tend to sweat a lot while at the gym, playing or working out.

Benefits of the Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Tee:

  • Great range of 13 color choices
  • 4-Way Smooth Stretchy Polyester/Elastane for the extreme mobility and shape retention
  • Muscle and posture support
  • Stay cool and sweat free with the Signature Moisture Transport System
  • No smelly body odor with Anti-Odour Technology
  • Chafe free with smooth Flat Lock Seams for every activity

High Performance= No Sweat Spots= No Sag

Under Armour’s HeatGear range is reliable, high performance sports wear you can depend on.The polyester and Elastane allows this shirt to fit firmly yet comfortably, offering better compression of certain areas.

No Wet Spots / Patches

Neither will you get those dreaded wet spots, and the t-shirt won’t stretch, sag or bunch when sweat damp. Having sweat patches isn’t an attractive look when you work out. If you get caught in a rainshower, the HeatGear won’t soak up water as a cotton t shirt will and weigh you down.

Another bonus, the smooth fabric finish makes Under Armour a logical choice to wear as an underwhirt. By wearing it as an undershirt, you get muscular and posture support during the day.

Any Downsides?

Some aspects of the UA HeatGear short sleeve compression top people were not so keen on was sizing runs very snug, the length of the body could be a little longer and some customers found the sleeves rode up when they were working out. When you order, make sure you order depending on the fit you require. If you don’t want a firm fit, you may need to order up to 2 sizes larger in the HeatGear mens compression t shirt.

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2) Be Your Own Super Hero! UA Men’s Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

This Under Armour’s Men’s Short Sleeve Compression Shirt may be a better choice if you’re looking for the comfort and support of compression shirts but prefer something more than just a plain color. With a fun range of Marvell’s comic heroes, you could dress for the day, Avengers, Batman, Superman beware:)

This style incorporates Under Armour’s HeatGearĀ® fabric which is comfortable enough for all day, everyday wear, not just for workouts and recovery. And as well as a range of different superhero designs to choose from, this style comes in an attractive mix of colors and patterns for one of the best slimming compression shirts around.

Benefits of the UA Short Sleeve Compression Top:

  • 84% Polyester/16% Elastane
  • Super Hero patterns in a range of colors and patterned fabric
  • Tackle any sport with confidence in the 4 way stretch fabric
  • Need a good undershirt to power your way through the day with support?
  • Moisture Transport System is fast drying – no smelly wet patches
  • Anti-Odor technology stops odor causing microbes
  • UPF 30+ technology stop you burning from the sun’s harmful rays

Remain Dry and Protected From The Sun’s Rays

Combined with the Moisture Transportation System and anti-odor technology to not only draw away sweat and dry faster, but keeping your shirt from developing an unpleasant odor, this style also includes a UPF of 30+. A perfect choice for those who frequently workout outside and avoid getting sunburned from harmful UV rays. And with an 84% polyester, 16% elastane, this shirt fits snugly, yet comfortably enough to be worn all day, while offering UA compression benefits.

Fits Like A Second Skin

The Alter Ego Compression Shortsleeve Shirt is designed to hug your body like an ultra-tight, second-skin fit for optimum muscle performance, which delivers a locked-in feel. If you want to show off those hard earned muscles from hours spent at the gym and looking for a weight lifting compression shirt with a sense of humor, these could be a good choice….

Any Downsides?

UnderArmour shirts are designed for compression. As we mentioned above, customers who aren’t used to UA’s tight fit, found their shirts fitted far too tightly. Being the wrong size, they were hard to get off. Make sure you order depending on the tighter or looser fit you want to feel. Some buyers wanted the body to be longer and some felt the the colors were not as expected.

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3) Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

For colder months of working out or playing, the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Long Sleeve Compression Shirt may be a better choice over a short sleeve.

20 Stand Out Colors To Choose From…

Rather like being in a lolly shop and trying to decide which one to pick….. What the heck, maybe 2 or 3 of the Black, Ultra Blue or Carbon Heather / Grey best long sleeved compression shirts to suit the mood I am feeling in…

With nearly 2 dozen different colors to choose from, there’s bound to be a shirt that not only fits and offers UA protection of compression, but matches any color scheme you either have, or will have.

UPF 30+ Sun Protection Plus 4 Way Stretch For The Ultimate Hard Workout

With a snug, yet comfortable fitting with an 84/16% ratio of polyester and elastane, and a stretch mesh underarm to deliver better and strategic ventilation, this shirt is comfortable enough for all day wear, while the 30+ UPF protection keeps you protected from the sun’s rays outside.

Its 4-way stretch fabrication allows you a greater mobility in any direction, to allow comfort no matter what you’re doing. The Moisture Transportation System draws sweat away from your body and dries it quickly, which offers extra comfort. If you are looking for the best mens compression undershirt to add a posture supportive aspect, plus a layer of warmth, this could be a useful choice.

Any Downsides?

UA have changed the design by adding in colored stitching on the flat seams rather than matching stitching which they felt detracted from the clean sleek lines. Again, be aware of the sizing running small, and if in doubt, it’s definitely worth asking customer support. UnderArmour have a very good customer support and return section if you need help. Some people found the top rucked up when working out and this seemed to be due to buying a size too small.

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4) CompressionZ Shirt Short Sleeve Top – Best All Round Active Mens Tee

Geared towards crossfit enthusiast, Tough Mudders, gym work, runners or basketball players, the CompressionZ compression garments for men‘s high performance fabric keeps your body warmer in colder weather, while keeping you cooler in warmer weather.

Faster Muscle Recovery Helps Minimize Injuries

With proven compression technology, this CompressionZ shirt claims it can not only promote faster muscle recovery and minimize injuries, but also improves blood circulation. Lactic acid buildup can have nasty and painful side effects which the CompressionZ top avoids by an increase in oxygen to fatigued muscles.

The flat lock seams allow you more flexible movement without skin irritations or chafing, while its 4-way stretching allows for an excellent snug fit. The quality fabric used helps in retaining its shape, even after numerous runs through the wash. Many buyers commented on the fabric feeling thicker and more substantial than other brands. There is nothing more unattractive than a baggy daggy sports top when the fit has disappeared!

More Compression Side Panels Than Other Brands

In comparing the CompressionZ shirt to other brands, there was one standout feature. This men’s slimming t shirt features 12 panels. 10 Compression panels and 2 vent panels which are under the arms. Most other compression shirts generally have from 4 to 6 side panels. The CompressionZ panels are stitched so as to not be noticeable, yet offer superior support and comfort.

The neck and shoulders are not constrictive which is a definite bonus when you are taking it on and off. To prevent the half sleeve compression shirt from riding up during active workouts, there is a rubberized grip-strip along the inside of the bottom edge.If a slim line, muscled look is what you are after, these are one of the best compression shirts for a slimming look.

Anti Odor Technology

Have you ever caught a whiff of someone elses body odor as you pass them by and quietly sniffed your own underarm area? With anti-odor and anti-itch materials, not only does this shirt keep you drier, but keeps you more comfortable while wearing it for extended periods of time.

Any Downsides?

However, a slight drawback, which is purely cosmetic, is the fairly limited range of colors and designs available, offering only 4 basic colors, or a woodland camouflage design. The price, on the other hand, makes it quite affordable, which just might make up for their lack of color selection.

If you require a less compressive fit, choose the next size up as these are designed to be tightly fitted active wear garments.

compression gear for running


5) Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Muscle Tank Baselayer Sleeveless R15

When it comes to sleeveless muscle tank tops,
Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Muscle Tank is made with 87% polyester, and 13% spandex, allowing an enhanced range of motion with its excellent elasticity while fitting snugly, yet comfortably to offer better support and compression. The Tesla R15 is one of the best compression shirts for slimming for men.

Use For All Seasons: Incorporates Plazma Skin With UPF 50+) Protection

Tesla compression gear is designed for use in all seasons, releasing heat and drawing moisture away with a cooling effect to keep you comfortable and dry during activity with a moisture sensing, quick drying and two way air circulation.

The quick dry moisture feature of the Plazma Skin fabric is a special feature developed by Ventex. This is a high performance fabric for athletes who demand high performance from their gear. The unique 3 layer capillary action quickly evaporates away moisture to keep you comfortable and dry.

This compression muscle top has one of the highest UPF ratings at (UPF 50+)

If you are looking for the perfect lightweight men’s compression tank top for triathlons, or a weight lifting compression shirt, the Tesla R15 is well worth taking a look at. The mix of polyester and spandex is very light while offering superior sporting performance and support.

20 Colors and Designs In The Best Compression Tank Top

What do you require from the best compression tank top? Color and design choice plus active wear which works is important and Tesla has delivered.

With 20 designs and colors, this men’s compression tank top is great for different types of indoor activities, as well as for outdoors.

There is an additional UPF of 50+ with titanium dioxide incorporated into the fibers, to keep you protected from the sun’s rays, while the deodorizing function of antibacterial silver dioxide keeps your shirt from smelling unpleasant from sweat and dirt.

And with such an affordable cost as well as a wide range colors, for whatever purpose you have in mind…., you may even end up buying a few extras….

Any Downsides?

It’s important to keep in mind Tesla recommend buying the shirts one size larger than your average shirt size. A few people commented on the arm hole being on the snug side and rubbing them- it all depends on how muscled you are and worth taking into account. A few users felt the fabric was too thin and didn’t work as well as they wanted for men’s compression tank top.

compression tank top womens


Women’s Compression Shirt

Women’s compression garments have also started to become more popular, though only a few reviews of the best compression tops for women will be highlighted here, a short sleeve, and a tank top, both offered by Neleus.


6) Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Dry Fit Compression Long Tank Top

The Neleus 3 pack of women’s long compression tank tops for women are a combination of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, providing a lightweight, and comfortable design that is machine wash friendly.

They are cut to fit women’s figures and be form hugging which is feminine. The fabric feels soft to handle and comfortable against the skin.

Note for women with larger breasts who want a bra shelf, the Neleus does not have one. You will still need to wear a bra for support

Moisture Wicking Transport System Keeps You Drier

The Moisture Transport System draws away sweat from your body which also dries quickly, to keep you drier and more comfortable during activities.

The flat lock seams are designed to eliminate chafing and skin irritations, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor sports alike; such as running, yoga, or cross training, and more.

Available in A Range Of 7 Packs Of Colors

These affordable three packs come in either all black, all white, or a variety of mixed colors such as blue, black, white or, black, lime and red.

Any Downsides?

The biggest complaint. It is important to note that the sizes run larger than American standard sizes, which should be taken into account when sizing. Choose the next size down for a firm compressive fit. Some women noted there was size difference in colors for example pink would fit well, but white would be too tight.

compression long sleeve shirt womens


7) Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Dry Fit Athletic Ladies Compression Top Long Sleeve

Though a little more expensive than other shirt packs, the Neleus ladies compression top long sleeve 3 pack dry fit shirts, are also composed of the 85/15 ratio of polyester to spandex. Plus, and it’s a big benefit, These Neleus Compression tops are machine washable.

Close Ergonomic Fit Supports Full On Action, Wicking Perspiration Away

The ergonomic compression fit allows for an enhanced range of motion, while the flat lock seams prevent chafing and skin irritations.

The fabric is lightweight, and provides a comfortable feeling against your skin, regardless of what activity you’re engaged in, and the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric draws sweat away, and quickly dries it, keeping you drier and more comfortable.

Yoga, Gym Workouts To Cross Training, The Neleus Has Your Back

The combination is perfect for activities both indoor and outdoor, from yoga and basketball, to running and cross training, and much more. Reviews of the best compression tops for women put the Neleus up there for comfort and performance.

13 Color Packs To Choose From

The packs come in either a single color of black or white, or in multicolored packs, with three different colors. If plain old basic colors don’t excite you, how about sunny yellow, look at me red, or a rich forest green… These packs are so useful and the fact they can be thrown in the washing machine and are easy care is a definite standout feature. As women, we don’t have time to be fussing over fabrics requiring special care! We are busy getting on with life!

The Neleus is also available in half sleeve compression shirt.

Any Downsides?

The shirt sizes are smaller, generally one size above normal wear is recommended for a snug, comfortable fit. Especially if you have wide shoulders or larger breasts. Again as above, the size does alter depending on the color.

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What To Look For In Checking Out What’s The Best Compression Shirt…

Before choosing and deciding on whats the best compression shirt, it’s important to check not just the company claims regarding what you’re looking at, but to also make sure it’s right for you. While most clothing provides, at best some benefits during the exercise or activity itself, the post recovery assistance has been confirmed. Important muscular support increases blood flow, bringing oxygen to fatigued muscles to reduce the recovery period, and also help prevent further stress, which can cause injuries. A top tip, these make a great men’s slimming t shirt for everyday use.

The Jury May Be Out: Athletes Swear By Their Compression Gear

While many of these performance claims have not been tested, and most claims really were not proven, many athletes who wear these garments, such as leggings while running, swear by them. They report being able to run longer or faster with faster recovery times. These claims have been referred to as the athlete experiencing a powerful placebo effect; believing the clothing is allowing them to do more than they could before. As studies are now showing, the mind is extremely powerful. We can heal ourselves, a positive outlook can achieve miracles and by believing we can do it, achieve what we may have once thought impossible.

While keeping these points in mind, sometimes compression sportswear can be beneficial, mostly with its sweat absorption and breathability as well as the specific areas targeted by the compression to relieve muscles and increase blood flow to aid in the recovery process.

There Are Numerous Options Available In The Best Compression Shirts

When it comes to men’s compression sportswear, the options are numerous, Under Armour, CompressionZ, Sub Sports, Tesla, Defender, GKVK to name a few brands. They all appear to offer fairly much the same benefits, some offering more for a higher price. On average, this type of sportswear isn’t too expensive, though some brands and styles will be more. The main point here is, stay with the well known brand names who are known for designing gear which delivers on performance, quality and results.

If you are looking for the best long sleeved compression shirt which is reasonably priced to wear under your everyday clothes either as posture support, reduce man boobs, hold you in, or support sore muscles, there is plenty of choice. These brands are worth taking a look at: Intelliskin, UnderArmour, Skins, Tesla and Dry- Equip for example. Do compression shirts make you look slimmer when you wear them under clothes, yes. They are the mens answer to Spanx for women, depending on the brand name. Some pull you in more than others.

If you are a woman reading reviews of the best compression tops for women for athletic purposes, take note of the support offered. Is there a builtin bra shelf, where do the shoulder straps sit, wide or narrow to hide bra straps, shoulder coverage, are they fitted around the stomach for support. These are all important factors for women to take into account. Can you return the item if you are not happy with it?

There are plenty of compression tank tops in women’s active gear that can double as everyday wear which are attractively designed. Choose from the regular singlet style or a racer back to show off your shoulder and arm definition. A few brands worth checking out are CompressionZ, Neleus, Tesla, Baleaf, Haby make some great gym sets…..

Fabrics Generally Used Are….

Materials used for general compression sportswear typically consists of mostly polyester, with either spandex for women’s garments, or elastane for men’s, with some also containing mesh for either backing, or underarms to allow for better airflow, reducing body heat, sweating, and odor caused from sweat and dirt.


They are usually machine wash friendly, and with the fabrics and style they are stitched with, they don’t lose their shape. Most of the shirt designs listed above come in either the standard white or black, gray, or multicolored choices in the vast majority of the popular brand designs, making them perfect not only for sports or exercise, but also being stylish.


While the prices can vary greatly just as much as the styles and colors, the benefits are generally the same; increased blood flow which reduces fatigue and soreness, they can also be used therapeutically, for physical therapy or relieving pain or symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot located in deep veins, which can cause serious health issues. When researching whats the best compression shirt for performance, durability and price, take your time, read the reviews, check the fabric composition and what activity that particular design is for.